Fail Your Way to Finding Success

If we never failed, we never tried anything. We have to try, to fail, and we have to fail to improve and get better.

I want to speak about failure. I think failure is one of those horrific words that’s been attached to times when you’re not succeeding. Someone I admired a lot when I was growing up is Michael Jordan and I think he said it best when he said, “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my […]

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How to learn from your “miss-takes”

Doug Bopst Fitness -- Learn from your miss-takes

Today I want to talk about making mistakes. One of my coaches this morning sent out a message about making mistakes and I thought that would be a great topic to send out and add my spin on it. In life we all make a ton of mistakes. some are small, some are big. A mistake […]

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Past, Present & Future


You know often times in life, we cause ourselves a lot of stress from thinking too much about the past. Whether it’s 2 days ago, 2 weeks ago, 2 years ago.. we get just so upset and emotional about things we did in the past and about how our life WAS. One thing you need […]

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Put others first and change your life

“If you’re not making someone else’s day better, you’re wasting your time.” – Will Smith​ In this episode of, “60 Seconds 2 FREE,” I want to challenge you to take the step and put someone else first. We are put on this earth to serve other people; to use our talents as an asset to […]

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“Your attitude determines your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar In this “60 Seconds 2 FREE” I challenge you to change your attitude, change your way of thinking, and change your “can’t’s” into “I CAN,” and your “won’t’s” into “I WILL,” and watch as your attitude and overall day changes for the positive.

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Change the Way You Look at Things to Have a Better Day

Tony Robbins said, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you you will experience in your life.” Life is about perception; what you think can and will play into how your day turns out. It affects your mindset and your attitude. In this, “60 Seconds 2 FREE,” I challenge […]

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