Be the Chef in the Recipe of Your Own Life

your life is like your favorite recipe full of it's essential ingredients

I wanted to send out a little inspiration and talk about life essentials and how it relates to food. You’re probably thinking, how the heck do life essentials relate to food? Well, stay with me here.. If you think about it, we’re all our own chefs in our own way. Now think about your favorite […]

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Fail Your Way to Finding Success

If we never failed, we never tried anything. We have to try, to fail, and we have to fail to improve and get better.

I want to speak about failure. I think failure is one of those horrific words that’s been attached to times when you’re not succeeding. Someone I admired a lot when I was growing up is Michael Jordan and I think he said it best when he said, “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my […]

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