It’s not about feeling 100%.. it’s about GIVING 100%

it's not about being your best every day, it's about giving your best every single day

There are going to be days when you’re not feeling a hundred percent and not feeling up to the challenge. You have to remember it’s not about FEELING 100%,  it’s about GIVING 100%. For example, it was very humid today in the gym and I was feeling lethargic and a little overheated. But, I made the best […]

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Are you just busy being busy?

are you just busy being busy -- quote

Have you gotten one of those emails that you wish never came? I have. As a matter of fact I got one last night. I got word that a friend of mine had died suddenly on Thursday. My heart literally sank. I had to re-read the email several times for it to process in my head. The […]

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Be Yourself!

Often times we (myself included) we have these beliefs of how things are supposed to be. Whether its from a television show, movie or any of your friends and family; sometimes we compare ourselves to them and hope to one day life a similar life. I talked the other day about the biggest lessons that […]

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Live your life with purpose!

We often go through life doing a bunch of things that we don’t like to do. This could be your job, activities, school or anything else that comes about your day. When you find out your purpose or what drives you every day. It changes your outlook on life. You will begin to notice a […]

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