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Inspiring Story!

“I believe that everyone has a life worth telling a story about. And the story of Doug Bopst and his message in ‘From Felony to Fitness to Free’ is one that will surely motivate and inspire you to new heights. Read this book and I guarantee you that it will touch your soul and empower you to live with more passion, purpose and IMPACT.”

Todd Durkin MA, CSCS // Owner, Fitness Quest 10 (San Diego, CA)

Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour //Author, The IMPACT! Body Plan

You ever make a mistake? Sure you have!

“You ever make a mistake? Sure you have. What’s important is not the mistake itself, but how you respond. Doug Bopst’s story is just that. He made a mistake, and he responded. He used his chance to create a positive, full filled life, and along the way he started to change other peoples lives for the better too.”

Billy Delorbe

Showed me a new passion for a healthier lifestyle!

“I have been working out with Doug for several years. I now have a whole new level of energy that helps me out in my daily life. I used to dread exercising but Doug has showed me a new passion for a healthier lifestyle.”

By Tricia Thomas* on November 14, 2014