Today’s guest is Jillian Turecki. Jillian is a certified relationship coach, teacher and writer who for 20 years has taught others how to transform their relationships with themselves. She is also the host of the popular podcast, “Jillian on Love.”


We talk about why it’s important to reflect on past relationship patterns and how to communicate them effectively to a potential partner. We dive deep into how to find love and how to attract, build and maintain a healthy relationship. We also get into the four questions you MUST ask yourself before exiting a relationship, how to heal from a breakup and more.


What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:12 Why it’s important to identify past relationship patterns
  • 03:55 How to “level up” your relationships 
  • 06:31 When healing becomes unhealthy
  • 12:19 Bringing up your past when dating
  • 14:53 The difference between chemistry and connection
  • 17:38 How to separate your head from your heart
  • 19:50 Practicing self trust and rebuilding self esteem
  • 23:13 Learning to “co-regulate” in a relationship
  • 27:09 Why it’s hard to know if a relationship is unhealthy
  • 29:22 How to have difficult conversations with your partner 
  • 32:25 4 questions to ask yourself before leaving a relationship
  • 35:25 What to do after a breakup
  • 39:05 How to tell if someone is interested in dating you
  • 41:39 Jillian’s thoughts on chivalry
  • 43:25 How to avoid “losing yourself” in a relationship
  • 45:42 If you wanna be in a relationship, it’s not about you anymore
  • 49:06 Communicating your needs to your partner
  • 50:25 How to not get stuck in something that’s “casual”         



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