Can you imagine if we were all motivated to exercise everyday? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Despite our best intentions, most of us struggle to get into the habit of exercising. We want to get stronger. We want to lose weight. If we’ve been injured, we want to get better. But wanting something doesn’t always inspire action. I’m here to help you take action.

Working one on one with someone who knows your goals and can develop a tailor-made program to help you reach them is the secret sauce to success. You need someone who is knowledgeable and will push you to improve incrementally, at your pace, so that you see results without any setbacks (there’s nothing worse than injuries derailing your motivation). And if your personality meshes with them during your workouts, even better. But, there’s more to personal training than killer sweat sessions…

Personally, I believe personal training transcends exercise. When you work with me, I become your personal coach. Yes, you’ll get the workouts, sweat and instruction you desire, but we’ll incorporate other aspects of life into our sessions such as nutrition and mindset, to help you live the full, healthy lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. The bottom line: I take a holistic approach to your health, making me stand out from the crowd of other experience trainers. Oh, and we’ll have some fun, too. I personally guarantee it!

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