Dr. Will Bulsiewicz: Why Your Gut Is Draining Your Health



Is your gut slowly killing you? Find out why! Dr. B’s episode was the MOST downloaded in 2020 and he comes back today for round two! 

In this episode, Dr. B digs deep into how integral our gut microbiome is. Our gut health, as backed by science, affects our mood, our health, our energy, and how we connect with the people around us. Also, exercise and proper food intake is not enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle, you need to put your bowels in the right rhythm too!

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz (@theguthealthmd), MD MSCI, (a.k.a. Dr. B) is a board certified gastroenterologist and gut health expert. Every day, he helps patients and members of his #plantfed community bounce back from restrictive and over-hyped diets, and into a whole new way of living and eating that produces the results they really want… permanently.


What I Discuss with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:31 Welcome back, Dr. B!
  • 03:06 Is the hype on gut health justified?
  • 06:32 Have you heard of The White Lotus show?
  • 09:38 Time spent on social media takes away your self-time
  • 13:38 What is Dysbiosis?
  • 17:43 A supportive community helps us perform and persevere 
  • 23:56 We share our microbiome with people that we cohabitate with
  • 27:19 What’s really happening on the inside?
  • 28:59 Exercise without proper diet is just horrible
  • 33:31 Signs that tell you have gut issues
  • 37:14 Understand the root of the problem
  • 39:11 The big three of food sensitivity
  • 46:40 It’s not gluten sensitivity, it’s damaged gut microbiome
  • 49:55 Dietary choices that reduce health risks
  • 52:20 We need our bowels to be in a good rhythm
  • 55:58 Dietary approach that is plant predominant 


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