Former Pro Skier Jamie MoCrazy is the first woman to double-flip in a slopestyle ski run and is the epitome of strength, perseverance for all female athletes. In 2015 at World Tour Finals upon landing a trick Jamie caught an edge and whiplashed her head into the snow causing her brain to start bleeding in 8 spots and she immediately went into a natural coma, facing paralysis on her right side. In fact, doctors wrote her time of death in the helicopter on the way to the hospital where doctors informed her family that there was a 0% chance she lived. Miraculously, 10 days later, Jamie woke up to severe memory loss and a loss of ALL motor skills (speaking, walking, eating, etc.). During the relearning process, she was 100% dependent on her family – sister Jeanee and mother Fruit. Their sacrifice, determination, and mindset are why Jamie is who she is today. 

Today on the show we dive deep into Jamie’s compelling story from start to finish. We talk about the ups and downs, the details of her near death experience and what life was like shortly after that, how she relearned all of her motor skills, the most painful thing that she’s had to come to terms with, her advice for people that are feeling like they are at a rock bottom in their life, how Jamie challenges herself today and much more..


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