Today’s guest is Khalil Rafati, the founder of the renowned smoothie bar and juice chain Sunlife Organics. He possesses one of the most insane and inspiring recovery stories I have ever encountered. In Khalil’s darkest moments, he found himself hopeless and homeless on Skid Row in LA. Miraculously, he managed to crawl his way out of that difficult situation, seek treatment, and ultimately find sobriety. Through the relentless pursuit of personal growth, finding purpose, and self-discovery, Khalil has attained nearly two decades of sobriety and is living the life of his dreams. However, his recovery journey has not always been easy, marked by numerous ups and downs that we delve into deeply today. We explore Khalil’s gripping story, tracing his path from homelessness on Skid Row to achieving long-term sobriety. We also dive into the challenges of early sobriety and how Khalil’s responsibility of caring for his dying mother provided the necessary focus for his recovery. Khalil shares why he believes being an addict is a superpower and credits it for his ability to build the empire of Sunlife Organics without any formal education or experience. Furthermore, we discuss his healing journey, including how he transformed his relationship with external validation and fame and much more!


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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro

  • 01:15 Becoming Khalil 3.0 

  • 06:36 Addiction is a superpower

  • 12:55 Fame and external validation

  • 17:17 Khalili gets humbled

  • 23:33 Morning routine

  • 27:32 Homeless on skid row

  • 34:53 Early sobriety

  • 39:09 How did success impact his recovery?

  • 42:31 Becoming Khalil 4.0

  • 47:55 Advice for addicts who are newly sober

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