Today, we welcome Ken Rideout who is co-host of the popular podcast, The Fight with Teddy Atlas. What you may or may not know is that Ken has an incredible story and is one of the most accomplished endurance athletes that exist. He ran a marathon in under two hours and 30 minutes at age 50. 

But, things didn’t always come easy for Ken as his life has been filled with many forms of adversity including battles with addiction, a difficult upbringing, becoming a prison guard right after graduating high school, and working on Wall Street with no formal experience. The remedy for his transformation has included an unshakable commitment to his health, recovery, and his family.   

We talk about his amazing journey from growing up in a not a very child friendly environment, getting exposed to outlaws as a prison guard, getting into drug addiction to finding purpose in life through sports, setting goals to live healthy and mindful of personal growth, and continuously dealing with the challenges of parenting. 

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Special thanks to Mike Blabac for Ken’s official photo.

What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:01 The rest of your life starts today
  • 06:52 Sports became a connecting point to ‘normal’ people
  • 10:18 From a prison guard to making it to Wall Street
  • 15:26 Money doesn’t make you happy
  • 20:04 Getting addicted to drugs
  • 28:15 What the opiates were for
  • 32:30 On parenting and nurturing kids
  • 37:51 When your child feels like an outsider
  • 42:33 How do you measure yourself?
  • 52:17 How do you gauge success for yourself? 
  • 55:49 Your wellness and physical and mental health comes first
  • 01:07:23 What’s next for you?

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