Brent Underwood is the owner of Cerro Gordo, an original boomtown silver mine, established in 1865. He is also the creator of “GhostTownLiving” where he chronicles his adventures on YouTube. Brent currently lives on the mountain above Death Valley with no running water, seven cats, six goats, and at least one ghost. Cerro Gordo is a desolate ghost town perched high above Death Valley and has seduced thousands since the 1800s, but few fell harder for it than Brent, who moved there in March of 2020. Immediately after moving, he was snowed in and trapped for weeks and he would go on to experience every single natural disaster you can think of.  Brent’s inspiring story of betting on himself and living his dream life against all odds has captured millions of followers around the world.

Today on the show we discuss: Why Brent risked his entire life to move to a ghost town, why he picked the most extreme scenario to “find himself,” how he learned to deal with loneliness and uncertainty, A simple mental trick you can use when going through adversity, why losing everything helped Brent find purpose, advice for people who are feeling lost and looking for meaning, how he’s used stoicism to his advantage and much more.



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