Today’s guest is Mimi Bouchard. Mimi is a thought leader in the self-improvement and wellness space. She has helped thousands transform their lives through her actionable and pragmatic approach to personal development. Mimi’s guided meditation platform Superhuman has amassed thousands of subscribers that swear by the practice daily. Her top 100 Apple Podcast, Mimi, has almost 4 million unique downloads. 


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What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:14 Who was Mimi without personal development?
  • 4:43 Why was her childhood difficult?
  • 10:37 Being alone was hard for Mimi
  • 12:35 Mimi discovers personal development as a teenager
  • 17:03 Booking herself in reality tv to keep her visa
  • 24:42 Reality tv wasn’t what she thought it would be
  • 28:37 Transforming her self image 
  • 34:58 Did she use personal development to “escape” dealing with pain?
  • 37:59 Everyone’s healing journey is different
  • 41:28 Advice for people that are feeling lost
  • 45:24 Clarity helps you stay focused 
  • 48:22 Embracing failure
  • 52:23 Not your typical meditation app


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