Today’s guest is Taylor Calmus. Taylor also known as ‘Dude Dad,’ is a Colorado-based video creator who has become a viral sensation through his comedic, family-focused content and expert, DIY creativity. He is a father of four and a husband to his wife Heidi. Taylor taps into the relatability of parenthood in an effort to help other parents laugh at their own struggles.

Today on the show we discuss: The biggest lesson he’s learned from being a dad, how his childhood influenced his unique parenting style, what inspired him to start his “dude dad” YouTube channel, how he monitors screen time with his kids, budget friendly DIY projects you can do to make things fun for your kids, how he deals with the ups and downs of parenting and much more.


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What to listen for:

00:00 Intro

00:37 Biggest lesson he’s learned as a parent

02:26 What’s helped him practice more patience?

03:49 How did his childhood shape his parenting style?

06:27 Why did he pursue acting?

07:51 Creating Dude Dad

10:52 Helping other parents

12:34 Taylor’s “make or break” moment

16:46 Leading by example

18:31 Building a roller coaster in his backyard

21:16 Life changing lesson from his dad

24:28 Connecting with each of his four kids 

29:10 The most interesting mom in the world 

31:53 What does he do if one of his kids is having a bad day?

32:54 Most meaningful message he’s received from a fan

35:00 Tips for someone who’s struggling as a parent 

36:04 What does Taylor do for self care?

37:25 Easy DIY project for your kids

39:29 Measuring success as a parent

43:29 Managing screen time with kids

48:28 What’s next for him?

50:34 Best parenting advice he’s received



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