Today’s guest is Thomas DeLauer. Thomas reaches more than 15 million viewers monthly (on average) through his Youtube channel, where he translates experience and learning from his own health transformation utilizing intermittent fasting and other forms of nutrition into actionable steps for his dedicated community of nearly 3.4 million subscribers.


Today on the podcast, we discuss: how Thomas’s challenging childhood inspired him to become the person and Father he is today, why intermittent fasting transformed his life and tips for fasting properly, Thomas’s incredible weight loss journey (he weighed nearly 300 lb) and how he has overcome various obstacles in his life, the habits you should focus on for optimal health, how to break free from unhealthy patterns and much more. 

What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:12 Where would Thomas be without fitness”
  • 03:37 Experimenting with drugs as a kid
  • 05:25 Thomas’s dysfunctional childhood
  • 09:24 Being results oriented is tricky
  • 11;40 What was school like?
  • 15:24 Thomas becomes clinically diabetic
  • 20:56 THIS moment inspired Thomas to lose 100 lb. 
  • 22:50 Intermittent fasting transformed his life
  • 25:22 Dealing with self doubt 
  • 27:23 The relationship with his wife
  • 31:43 The rest of his weight loss journey and becoming a content creator
  • 36:21 Seeking validation through social media
  • 38:12 Healing from his childhood
  • 40:41 Being a Dad
  • 43:25 The benefits of fasting and how to do it right
  • 51:29 Ending the dogma in the online nutrition space
  • 54:40 What people should pay attention to regarding their health


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