Todays’ guest is 70 year old fitness coach Pauline Adeleke! Pauline has been into fitness all of her life and at the youthful age of 70 years young, she has taken on the task of educating others about the undeniable benefits of exercise and fitness.


She has successfully set out to accomplish this mission by inspiring and motivating people of all ages through her ageless fitness lifestyle channel on YouTube and providing fitness training sessions with clients in person as well as remotely, but things haven’t always been easy for her. Pauline met her husband, John, while working as an international flight attendant. John was one of Nigeria’s premier entrepreneurs and intellectuals. He had a vision for his country that would supersede any country in Africa or the world for that matter. Mr. Adeleke was a multi-millionaire a hundred times over and provided a jet setting lifestyle for Pauline and their children with their residents in New York and homes all over. But within seven years, the magical ride would cease with the abrupt and sudden death of Mr. Adeleke, leaving Pauline and her two children financially barren . How did she overcome such a tremendous setback raising two children, ages four and five on her own? Well, I guess you’re gonna have to listen to the episode to find out.


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What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:42 Pauline’s teenager years
  • 05:58 How she met her husband. (wild story)
  • 16:15 Shattered dreams for Pauline 
  • 25:02 What happened to all of the money? 
  • 27:08 How she overcame such a tremendous setback
  • 30:44 How did she begin to rebuild her life?
  • 32:52 Doing THIS with her kids outside of school helped them become VERY successful 
  • 37:49 How did she handle the stress of being a single parent?
  • 40:11 Did she ever lose faith?
  • 44:32 When did she decide she wanted to pursue a fitness career?
  • 47:31 Longevity tips from Pauline! (She’s 70 years young)
  • 48:33 How to escape the victim mindset?
  • 52:26 What’s next for Pauline?!


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