Tiffany Jenkins. Author, Comedian, Speaker, Content Creator, Podcast Host, Recovering Addict.



Today’s guest is Tiffany Jenkins. Tiffany is the hilarious genius behind “Juggling the Jenkins”. She has over 6 million social media followers and counting! Tiffany is a wife, mother, best-selling author, content creator and recovering addict. While she is best known for her funny viral Facebook and YouTube videos, Tiffany is incredibly passionate about bringing awareness to mental illness. She speaks shamelessly, openly, and honestly about her past and addiction, as well as her struggles with depression and anxiety and has been featured on national television shows like The Today Show and The Doctors.


Some things that Tiffany and I discuss:

  • How she navigated early recovery after incarceration and how she currently manages her emotions and stress (& what’s the hardest thing she is still grieving)
  • How she DEVELOPED faith in God during the most chaotic time of her life and what was the turning point was for her transformation (it involves her Dad)
  • What was the root cause of her addictive behavior and when did her addiction begin to spiral out of control (& how this involved her ex-boyfriend who was a police officer).
  • Advice for someone who has a loved one that is struggling with addiction and how to know the difference between “showing love” and “enabling” (As well as words of wisdom for someone listening that’s struggling with addiction)
  • How creating content and starting “Juggling the Jenkins” helped Tiffany overcome postpartum depression and we talk about her most popular video and why it’s so relatable.
  • Tiffany reveals her top parenting tips and we also talk about different tools to get out of a rut
  • And Much More…. 


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