Catt Sadler on being happy alone, healing unhealthy patterns, and conquering self-betrayal.



Today’s guest is Catt Sadler. She is a three-time Emmy-winning journalist with twenty years on-air experience. Catt is well known for her work on E! Entertainment where she spent more than a decade contributing to E! News, E! News Weekend, Daily Pop, Live From E! and a myriad of network specials. She’s also been a fixture on the red carpet covering high-caliber events and interviewing celebrities during awards season. Today she hosts the “It Sure is a Beautiful Day” podcast where she motivates her listeners to become the best version of themselves. Today’s conversation is going to go in a completely different direction as we are going to spend quite a bit of time talking about her personal life and get into subjects such as healing, parenting, relationships, spirituality, personal growth and more!  


What I discuss with Catt:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:46 Does Catt like blind dates?!
  • 3:34 Catt shares her journey of “being enough”
  • 6:22 What prompted her healing journey?
  • 9:56 What caused her to repeat unhealthy patterns?
  • 12:47 Leaving something that is no longer serving you…
  • 17:06 The fitness achievement that changed Catt’s life
  • 20:26 Her unhealthy habits while she was working in entertainment 
  • 22:39 Life after leaving E! (Including how she reinvented herself)
  • 29:55 What were the game changers in her healing journey?
  • 35:52 Finding MEANING in the adversity 
  • 38:12 Was there a setback that became a BLESSING?
  • 44:03 Handling difficult conversations
  • 46:07 This interview she did went VIRAL
  • 49:39 Top lessons she’s learned in 2021 (one might SURPRISE YOU)

 Episode resources: 

  • Connect with Catt on IG here
  • Listen to her podcast here

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