Today’s guest is internet sensation and comedian, Anjelah Johnson Reyes. Anjelah is widely known for her viral Nail Salon bit and her role as Bon Qui Qui, as well as her three hit comedy specials. She recently also starred in The Real Dirty Dancing on Fox and penned her first book, Who Do I Think I Am

We talk about why holding on to so much anger destroys relationships, sticking to your faith especially in the most difficult times, relentlessly pursuing your dreams even when it seems unreachable, why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, and so much more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:30 Doing things that terrifies the average person
  • 01:32 Setting faith as the foundation for everything
  • 04:58 Growing up with so much anger
  • 09:26 Harnessing negative emotions in a productive way
  • 14:58 Becoming an actress was a huge dream
  • 21:08 Associating Christianity with things
  • 27:38 It is a vulnerable place to be
  • 31:09 Should you compare yourself to others?
  • 34:26 Be the most supportive and encouraging friend
  • 37:01 How can I make somebody laugh?
  • 40:22 Future plans and goals

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