Today’s guest and returning to the podcast is wellness influencer and host of the Blonde Files podcast, Arielle Lorre. In our first discussion, Arielle and I dove deep into her incredible story of recovery and I invite y’all to check that one out in case you haven’t already. 

Today we discuss: the 3 biggest lessons Arielle’s learned from her podcast, the areas in her life that she’s seen the most personal growth, what Arielle’s current wellness routine looks like, the most overrated beauty treatments, 3 inexpensive ways to improve the health of your skin, why walking has been so transformational for Arielle and more. 


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What to listen for:

00:00 Intro

00:17 3 biggest lessons from the podcast 

04:03 How has the podcast evolved?

06:35 Areas of personal growth

10:37 The surprising benefits of walking

15:18 Plastic surgery addiction

18:35 Questions to ask yourself before getting plastic surgery

23:04 The most overrated beauty treatments

27:00 Why are cosmetic surgeries stigmatized?

28:53 3 best things you can do for your skin

30:50 Arielle rates my skincare routine

36:34 Current wellness routine

38:00 Joe Dispenza

41:02 How does she deal with anxiety?

43:27 Arielle’s current diet

46:28 Her favorite recipes right now

49:53 Gwyneth Paltrow

53:59 Advice for her followers 

56:27 What’s next for her?


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