Today’s guest is Sam Parr. Sam is cohost of the highly popular business podcast My First Million. He also founded the media company “the Hustle” back in 2016 which was acquired by HubSpot in 2021.


Today we discuss: Why being an alcoholic can be your greatest superpower, Sam’s inspiring story and how he went from jail to selling his company to HubSpot, the top six lessons he’s learned from giving up alcohol and why that led to tremendous personal growth, how to instantly upgrade your approach when contacting someone via DM or email, his contrarian views on money and happiness, a simple and effective approach to taking calculated risks and managing uncertainty in life and much more.


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What to listen for:

00:00 Intro

00:13 Similarities between alcoholism and entrepreneurship 

01:21 Sam’s health journey

05:23 Would he workout with Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece?

07:09 Battling addiction/going to jail

11:08 Why he loves exercise

13:50 Learning to embrace discomfort

15:57 Sam’s biggest fear from quitting drinking

17:41 Confidence is attractive

19:33 Rob Dyrdek

22:20 Learning to have fun in sobriety

23:19 Intense realism is a massive rush

24:45 Learning to control your emotions

26:41 Practical exercise for taking calculated risks in life

32:10 What made him successful

36:28 Early sobriety

39:43 Money makes you happier?!

44:13 Sam’s interest in my story

49:49 How to instantly send better emails or DM’s


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