Today’s guest is Brooke Burke. Brooke is a television host, cancer survivor, entrepreneur, fitness educator, philanthropist, podcaster and women’s health advocate who has been thriving in Hollywood for decades. The title that she holds dearest is being a Mom. Brooke has held numerous successful network television jobs and high-profile brand partnerships. In 2008, Brooke became the champion of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) season 7 which she later parlayed into a co-hosting job that she would hold for eight seasons. Brooke remains one of social media’s “moms to follow” with nearly 4 million dedicated followers. This conversation is about it all. We talk about divorce, healing, fitness, parenting, body image, having faith when life seems hard, and more.


What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:26 Why having kids made Brooke more successful
  • 04:19 What does she think of “mom guilt”?
  • 06:41 Helping her kids thrive during adversity
  • 08:30 Have her kids been impacted by what she’s gone through?
  • 11:22 What does she do when life is chaotic?
  • 13:17 Healing from divorce (twice)
  • 16:38 Rebuilding self worth after second divorce
  • 20:39 Breaking free from unhealthy patterns
  • 23:06 Dealing with uncomfortable thoughts
  • 24:54 Body image & external validation
  • 35:01 What does her wellness routine look like?
  • 37:35 How to teach your kids to eat healthy
  • 44:00 Why comparing yourself to others can be beneficial
  • 47:14 What’s next for Brooke?

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