Today’s guest is Zach Bitter. Zach is a professional endurance athlete, coach, and host of Human Performance Outliers Podcast. He has broken multiple World and American Records, won four National Championships, and competed for Team USA three times at the World 100km Championships.Today, I take the convo down a different path and dive deep into the mindset of. And he reveals some of his top tips that you can apply to most anything in life. You often hear life compared to running a race, and after this conversation you will understand why.  We talk about discipline, perseverance, failure, dealing with negative thoughts, setting and achieving goals, and much more.


What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:30 How to destroy negative thoughts
  • 05:15 Transforming limiting beliefs into something positive
  • 07:04 Dealing with failure
  • 09:04 How does he gauge success (even when he doesn’t win)
  • 11:29 How to embrace the process
  • 13:57 Staying focused during a 100 mile race
  • 17:24 Why losing races (or in life) leads to personal growth
  • 19:56 How has running helped his personal life
  • 26:11 What does he do when he feels intimidated?
  • 28:27 What made him want to run 100 miles?
  • 32:20 How does he know when to push through pain?
  • 35:49 Zach’s unexpected setback
  • 41:23 Has he ever felt unprepared?
  • 44:31 What’s next for Zach?
  • 47:48 Do running shoes make a difference?

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