Today’s guest is Case Kenny. Case is an entrepreneur, mindfulness expert and host and founder of the top 25 Apple podcast  New Mindset, Who Dis. You may also recognize him from his viral coffee cup and post-it quotes on Instagram, which have been shared by millions and featured by Complex, Forbes, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and many more. Case is also the creator of the best-selling mindfulness journals and recently published his first book in January 2023, “That’s Bold Of You,” a self-help book to guide readers on how to let go of self-judgment. 


Today we discuss: why being single is a superpower, how to elevate your level of happiness, why you don’t need to love yourself to be in a relationship, how to feel understood and understand your partner in a relationship, the biggest red flag you don’t want to overlook, why you should focus on being proud of yourself, what you must do before dating again and much more.

What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:30 Common dating traps
  • 02:26 Being single is a superpower
  • 06:22 Getting to know yourself
  • 09:45 Should you start dating again?
  • 12:48 How to stop attracting the wrong person
  • 17:08 What to do if you’re unhappy with your relationship
  • 19:43 Separating your head from your heart 
  • 22:36 Love is not enough
  • 24:43 Overlooked secret to healthy relationships
  • 27:05 Attract the right person
  • 30:27 Rejection
  • 34:14 What was Case like before he started his podcast? 
  • 36:49 Using journaling to overcome negative beliefs 
  • 38:20 Letting go of overthinking 
  • 42:11 Why being proud of yourself is so important
  • 45:35 Manifesting isn’t always spiritual
  • 49:04 How to deal with bad luck
  • 51:44 The biggest green flag
  • 55:35 The biggest red flag
  • 58:02 Don’t do THESE things when dating

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