Today’s guest is Dr. Tracey Marks. Dr. Marks is a general and forensic psychiatrist of over 20 years whose mission is to increase mental health awareness and understanding by educating people on psychiatric disorders, mental well-being, and self-improvement. As a forensic psychiatrist, she has formulated over 1000 opinions through Independent Medical Evaluations, criminal assessments, or civil litigation consultations. She has been qualified as an expert in multiple federal and state courts and military court-martial. She also maintains a general psychiatry clinical practice focusing on mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and burnout. 


Today we discuss: why so many people are feeling anxious right now, how your gut health impacts your mental health and how to utilize diet and exercise to optimize your mood, the difference between anxiety and worry and how to reduce anxiety in the short term and long term, how to know if you truly have ADHD and how to effectively manage it personally and professionally, the signs and symptoms of depression and how to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive action, what you can do if you struggle with procrastination and much more.

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:27 Why are so many people feeling anxious right now?
  • 03:00 Overlooked symptoms of anxiety
  • 04:22 Gut health and anxiety
  • 10:35 When is anxiety a problem?
  • 15:28 How to reduce anxiety in the short and long term
  • 19:05 How to deal with worry
  • 22:24 Do you have ADHD?
  • 28:16 Can you reverse the symptoms of ADHD?
  • 31:18 Dealing with ADHD at home
  • 34:33 Being in a relationship with someone that has ADHD
  • 37:52 Symptoms of depression
  • 40:32 How to get out of a depressive state
  • 43:04 Transform negative thoughts into positive action
  • 46:30 Using diet and exercise to optimize your mood 
  • 52:27 How to stop procrastinating 

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