Today’s guest is Claire Bays. Claire is an online movement, nutrition and mindset coach at Wellness with Claire. She hosts the sensational podcast “Conversations with Claire”. She is a personal trainer at The Kollective in Austin, TX. sober alcoholic, and competitive athlete in Hyrox Racing and CrossFit. Claire believes that wellness is a mental, physical and spiritual experience… and that you are beyond capable of growing, learning AND changing. Today Claire comes on the show to share her incredible story of overcoming addiction and finding recovery. I really enjoyed this conversation and I think you will too. 


What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:55 Claire’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol
  • 08:12 Why was alcohol so appealing?
  • 09:42 Did she think she had a problem?
  • 12:41 Claire’s traumatic rock bottom moment
  • 21:00 3 tips for someone that feels lost in life
  • 25:00 Early sobriety  
  • 28:50 The importance of accountability 
  • 32:35 Dealing with uncertainty
  • 37:15 Developing structure in early sobriety 
  • 39:45 How did she become a competitive CrossFit athlete?
  • 42:33 Living a double life
  • 45:50 How did Claire transform her life so quickly?
  • 52:12 Rebuilding her self confidence
  • 55:34 How does she cope now?
  • 59:20 Has Claire had any setbacks? 


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