Today’s guest is Craig Siegel, founder and creator of the rapidly growing CLS podcast and brand. What you may or may not know is that Craig has an incredible story. Craig had a successful career on Wall Street financially, before finding himself miserable during the pandemic. After hitting rock bottom, mentally and emotionally, Craig dove deep into running and personal development to cultivate a transformative identity shift. Craig’s energy and passion for life and personal growth is infectious and entertaining, and it is the driving force behind his success today, personally and professionally.   

We talk about how transformative staying active can be in anyone’s life, why identifying non-negotiables in your life opens a path for better opportunities, how to overcome the negative thoughts in your head, the type of validation you should be seeking, and so much more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:30 Who was Craig Siegel before?
  • 04:25 “Running plays a big role in my life.”
  • 11:41 You have to be a match for the abundance out there
  • 15:09 Does the law of attraction work?
  • 18:07 You have to have non-negotiables
  • 23:30 How do you get negative thoughts out of your head?
  • 28:49 Be around people who are upgrading and growing
  • 32:25 The opinions of others isn’t our business
  • 35:37 Anything worth doing in life comes with a price
  • 38:20 The past you and the present you
  • 43:58 Delegation has been a challenge
  • 47:17 Being present is a portal for expansion
  • 50:53 Realize that you don’t know everything

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