Today’s guest is Dan Garner. Dan is the founder of Team Garner, Inc. and co-founder of RAPID Health Optimization which offer high-level personalized online training, nutrition coaching, and lab analysis for world-class results. His coaching resume is second to none having worked with dozens of professional athletes in 14 different sports. Within his clientele he has worked with world champions, hall of famers, MVP’s, world record breakers and more. In this episode we discuss why you shouldn’t major in the minors when it comes to your health and the things should actually focus on. Dan shares some solid tips for building healthy habits and developing discipline so that you can put consistency on autopilot. We get into what you can do if you’re feeling fatigued, stressed or bloated and what supplements you can take to better your sleep, reduce stress and improve your overall health.  


What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:58 Don’t “major in the minors” when it comes to your health
  • 06:12 Momentum builds consistency  
  • 08:57 The 60 second movie of your day
  • 14:26 Dan’s thoughts on bloodwork
  • 16:15 What causes fatigue 
  • 22:32 What supplements should everyone take?
  • 24:56 Don’t lose weight…Get healthier!
  • 29:54 Can stress cause gut issues?
  • 35:37 How to reduce stress? 
  • 40:10 What causes digestive issues?
  • 42:41 Are you dehydrated?
  • 44:47 The dangers of being dehydrated
  • 48:19 Tools for improving sleep quality
  • 55:44 Why motivation doesn’t work


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