Today’s guest is Daniel Pink. Daniel is the author of five New York Times Best sellers, including his latest, “The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward.”  His other books include the New York Times bestsellers When and A Whole New Mind — as well as the #1 New York Times bestsellers Drive and To Sell is Human. Dan’s books have won multiple awards, have been translated into 42 languages, and have sold millions of copies around the world.  We talk about how regret is actually a GOOD THING and why it is a catalyst for personal growth. Dan reveals his biggest regret in life and the three step process you must take to help use regret to your advantage. We talk about how we’ve been lied to and why we need negative emotions for survival. Our discussion gets into how to prevent future regrets, dealing with failure and so mcuh more!


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    What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:30 Powerful decision making technique
  • 03:22 Dan’s biggest regret
  • 07:48 Take THESE 3 Steps to use regret to help you grow 
  • 13:10 You’ve been lied to!
  • 15:10 Why we need negative emotions
  • 19:18 How do you deal with YEARS of mistakes?
  • 22:48 How to prevent “future regrets”
  • 28:03 Olympians felt better placing 3rd over 2nd?!
  • 31:13 How to create a “failure resume” (and why it’s so transformative)
  • 33:00 What do most people regret later in life?
  • 35:41 What future regret is Dan currently working to prevent?


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