Today, we welcome former MLB player Darryl Strawberry. Darryl played 17 years in the major leagues, he won four world series, and went to eight all-star games. But today we’re gonna have a much different conversation. We’re gonna talk about Darryl’s incredible redemption story of hope, faith, and recovery. 

We discuss the challenges of being a top performing athlete and the pressure that comes with, how the pressure pushed him to a destructive lifestyle and addiction, and how faith ultimately led him to reformation and redemption. 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:41 Getting into addiction
  • 05:24 Identity crisis lead to addiction
  • 07:37 When the addiction becomes a problem
  • 10:30 Overcoming addiction is not an overnight process
  • 13:42 Who are you without the ‘uniform’?
  • 17:38 Re-affirming faith with God
  • 23:30 Understanding the map of life
  • 43:13 Don’t leave your work undone 
  • 45:21 Bible scriptures to help guide you through

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