Today’s guest is Dr. Amy Shah. Dr. Shah has a unique training of both nutrition and medical training. She graduated from the renowned School of Nutrition at Cornell, and then went on to Einstein for medical school. Her research, internal medicine and allergy slash immunology training, took her to Harvard, then Columbia hospitals. There, she discovered her unique skills as a mind – body practitioner and she also serves as an instructor for the mind – body green nutrition training program. 

We talk about gut health, why taking supplements isn’t the answer to staying healthy, the positive and high effectivity of constantly moving and eating right can help anyone destress, science-back data on how sleep boosts our immune system, and so much more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:32 Why are we so chronically fatigued and tired? 
  • 04:45 How is your gut health?
  • 07:21 A few minutes of morning light is highly beneficial
  • 10:16 Eating fermented fiber
  • 14:08 Model the behavior of healthy eating
  • 16:31 3 things to help you destress
  • 20:20 What is it in nature that is helpful?
  • 22:20 You’re allowed to take a break despite your busy schedule
  • 26:21 How to keep your immune system strong?
  • 30:09 Making sustainable changes
  • 34:04 Being around people is good for your gut microbiome
  • 38:40 How women can fast according to your cycle
  • 42:59 How to start intermittent fasting
  • 46:52 Inspiring your kids to eat healthy

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