Today’s guests are Dr. John Delony and Layne Norton. Dr. John Delony is a renowned mental health and wellness expert and host of The Dr. John Delony Show. He holds two PhDs, one in counselor education and supervision and another in higher education administration. Before joining Ramsey Solutions, John spent two decades working as a senior leader at multiple universities, a professor and researcher, and crisis responder. Layne Norton, aka Biolayne, is an entrepreneur, physique coach, bodybuilder, and powerlifter. Alongside his success as a competitor, Layne has his Ph.D in nutrition science and is one of the most respected voices in the health and nutrition space. On the show today, the three of us have an open, organic and honest conversation about something that often gets overlooked, “Men’s Mental Health.” You will hear us share our own experiences with it as well as the tools, tactics, and wisdom that have helped us improve our mental health and inspire you or a loved one to do the same.


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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:04 Why are so many men struggling right now? 
  • 05:27 Identity as a man
  • 07:35 Actions aligning with values
  • 10:58 This is a cultural problem
  • 13:30 External validation doesn’t lead to self validation 
  • 18:42 The pain/pleasure trap
  • 21:51 Do hard things and play the long game
  • 26:49 Motivation is overrated
  • 30:16 Small steps build confidence 
  • 31:35 Why you must create a new identity if you want to make changes
  • 34:49 You need friends that will “call you out” 
  • 41:12 You’re judged based on your actions  
  • 43:04 The way you respond is on YOU
  • 44:47 You have to take action
  • 47:26 The ONLY way to heal anxiety
  • 50:47 In every season of your life, you will be unbalanced
  • 53:31 Remember that you’re human! 
  • 55:28 The issue with “self-help”
  • 59:25 Processing your emotions
  • 1:03:18 John puts me on the spot! 
  • 1:06:45 Stop spending time with negative people 
  • 1:11:11 Dealing with the uncertainty of the world 

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