Today’s guest is the highly successful and dynamic social media star, Shannon Ford! You may remember Shannon as one of the personalities on the hit TV show, ‘Very Cavallari,’ where she worked as the social media manager for fashion company Uncommon James. Despite appearing on the show for roughly one season, Shannon was able to leverage her time on camera into a thriving career and prove that a massive setback can lead to an even better comeback. In this episode, we discuss the power of public setbacks, the hustler’s mentality Shannon developed from living in a trailer as a kid, how to break free from people pleasing, why people will know if you’re being “fake”, and how she stays consistent, motivated and focused while building her business and much more! 


What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:36 Getting fired on national television
  • 03:58 Handling failure  
  • 08:18 Living in a trailer 
  • 10:58 Developing a “hustler’s mentality”
  • 12:30 The dark side of fame
  • 15:30 Paying attention to what others think
  • 17:15 People pleasing and boundaries 
  • 20:49 Recent big area of growth for Shannon
  • 22:43 Staying focused/avoiding distractions
  • 26:27 Has she always been secure with herself?
  • 28:57 Being fake is exhausting
  • 35:36 Does Shannon have trust issues?
  • 40:47 What to do if your family doesn’t agree with your career decision
  • 45:06 Navigating a long distance relationship

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