Today’s guest is Charlie Engle. Charlie is one of the premier adventure athletes in the world today. He’s run across more than 40 countries but by far his most important accomplishment is his 30 years of clean and sober living. His best selling book Running Man, was published by Simon and Schuster in 2016. Charlie’s record setting run across the Sahara Desert led to the creation of H2O Africa, which is known today as Water.org, cofounded by Matt Damon. 

Charlie has been a featured speaker at the United Nations, at NATO Headquarters in Belgium and on board the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. He regularly trains Fortune 500 companies in strategies for resilience and addressing mental health issues.


We discuss Charlies riveting addiction journey from start to finish, how he used running to save his life, why he went to federal prison after years of sobriety, how he improved his life during his incarceration and more! 


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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:55 Where did Charlie’s addiction story begin?
  • 06:59 Was he using to numb pain?
  • 10:02 Why some people can’t handle “college life”
  • 14:36 This is when his addiction took a turn for the worst
  • 19:02 Charlie’s rock bottom moment (police/bullet holes)
  • 22:46 How running saved his life!
  • 28:30 Did his relationship with running become unhealthy?
  • 34:47 Why did he go to prison after years of sobriety?
  • 41:52 How did he improve his self worth in prison & make most of his time?


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