Today’s guest is Jason Wahler. Jason is a popular reality TV personality and recovery advocate, who is dedicated to raising awareness about substance abuse and mental health. In today’s episode, Jason shares his personal journey with addiction and how his very public relapse a few years ago prompted him to make significant changes to maintain his sobriety. He talks about detoxing from drugs while his wife was giving birth to their first daughter, and offers advice for those with loved ones struggling with addiction. Jason also discusses rebuilding his self-worth, how he has forgiven himself and rebuilt trust with others, and the self-destructive nature of addiction. Jason lives in Nashville and we also discuss how he is managing his mental health following the horrific tragedy that occurred a few weeks ago.


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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:32 Nashville tragedy (Jason lives there)
  • 04:44 What’s the most difficult situation he has faced? 
  • 06:54 Changes he’s made to maintain his sobriety 
  • 10:20 What caused his mental health struggles as a kid? 
  • 11:35 Going on reality TV while battling addiction 
  • 14:35 When did things get bad?
  • 18:00 Why do addicts self-destruct? 
  • 20:24 How did his wife help support him/hold him accountable
  • 22:07 Detoxing in the same hospital where his wife was giving birth 
  • 24:41 Lying about sobriety  
  • 29:19 What was rock bottom? 
  • 32:24 Being honest about his relapse on social media 
  • 35:05 Rebuilding his self worth 
  • 38:37 Forgiveness
  • 41:39 Rebuilding trust with his family
  • 42:57 You’re a product of your environment 

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