Today, we welcome content creators, Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsey Jade Curtis. And you may also recognize them from their highly popular podcast, What We Said. And I’m super pumped to share this chat with you and there’s going to be tons of nuggets with them.  

We talk about the reality of being active on social media, the effects of too much screen time on our mental health, how we’re allowing other people’s lives to affect how we see ourselves, finding ourselves and our purpose when we feel off, and so much more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:20 What does it mean to feel off
  • 04:44 Taking care of your mental health 
  • 07:07 Having each others back
  • 11:04 Postpartum struggles 
  • 15:23 When should you stop being hard on yourself?
  • 18:04 Detoxing from Instagram
  • 24:27 Mental clarity and inspiration
  • 25:56 The real life of fame
  • 28:53 Social media and parenthood
  • 32:20 What would I tell my younger self
  • 36:24 Love the experience of being yourself
  • 37:58 Rejuvenating your individuality
  • 41:02 Social media exposes everyone
  • 44:43 You’re living others people’s lives
  • 46:53 Future plans   

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