Today, we welcome real estate and media powerhouse, Ryan Serhant. You may recognize him from the hit show Million Dollar Listing New York, or perhaps you have read one of his books, Sell it Like Serhant or Big Money Energy. Ryan’s energy, insights, and passion for life is contagious. And I’m super excited to share this chat with you.   

We talk about how he stumbled in the real estate business when he first came to New York, keeping a strong will to keep tackling our daily challenges, the balance between being impatient and having a competitive spirit, setting goals for your future self, and so much more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:03 Figure out who you are first
  • 08:01 If you can’t make it in New York, be a real estate agent
  • 14:56 Be on ‘attack’ mode every day
  • 18:10 Who has the real power in any negotiation?
  • 21:20 We are creatures of habit
  • 25:52 Getting addicted to the adrenaline
  • 27:44 Learn to create your own system
  • 32:25 The different kinds of people you deal with
  • 36:20 How to sell yourself effectively
  • 42:45 Focus on your goals and stay patient
  • 47:03 Where do you see yourself in future?

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