Today’s guest is Courtney Swan. Courtney is an integrative nutritionist, founder of Realfoodology and the host of the Realfoodology podcast. Today we chat about Courtney’s health transformation, what led to her unhealthy relationship with food, simple nutrition swaps people can make, her advice for parents to help their kids make healthy food choices and more..

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What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:23 What led to her unhealthy relationship with food?
  • 8:34 What sparked her transformation?
  • 11:22 Advice for parents to help their kids eat healthier (what could hers have done differently)
  • 14:16 How has her relationship with food evolved? (vegan)
  • 19:60 Does she only feel lovable if she eats healthy and looks a certain way?
  • 26:42 How can the wellness community do better?
  • 29:24 Courtney’s nutrition rules to live by
  • 30:24 Simple nutrition swaps
  • 37:35 Courtney shares a contrarian view on exercise 
  • 44:01 How does her healthy lifestyle impact her relationships?
  • 46:17 Does Courtney ever crave processed foods?

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