Today’s guest is Dr. Kyle Gillett. Dr. Gillett is a dual board certified physician in obesity medicine and family medicine. His specialties include preventative medicine, aesthetics, sports medicine, hormone optimization, integrative medicine, and more. Today is an absolute masterclass on all things hormones, and we dive deep into simple steps you can take to optimize your hormones for longevity, stress management, body composition, overall health, and more. 


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What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:41 What process does Dr. Gillett use to make recommendations for his patients?
  • 4:07 Hormone health misconceptions
  • 6:30 Most important hormones for health and longevity
  • 9:56 How do various forms of exercise impact your hormones?
  • 12:06 The importance of fiber and sleep
  • 14:40 How to tell if your hormones are causing health issues?
  • 15:39 Steps to take before getting hormone replacement therapy
  • 18:36 What is cortisol?
  • 23:00 How to lose body fat effectively
  • 25:12 How to know if your metabolism is “messed up”
  • 27:27 Male vs female growth hormones
  • 32:19 Dr. Gillett’s supplement recommendations
  • 35:27 Caffeine’s impact on hormones
  • 36:10 Does adrenal fatigue exist?
  • 39:14 How to reduce your stress hormones 
  • 40:39 How does your diet impact your hormones? 
  • 42:10 The importance of sunlight & how to effectively build habits
  • 46:03 Dr. Gillett’s thoughts on sleep & eating/drinking caffeine before bed
  • 50:23 Why is being “social” important for your health?

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