Today’s guest is Jordan Lee Dooley. Jordan is the national bestselling author of Embrace Your Almost and Own Your Everyday and is the host of the top rated podcast, SHE. She’s also the founder of the Own It Academy, a digital education company, as well as Soul Scripts, a word company known for its phrase, “Your brokenness is welcome here.”

We talk about finding clarity when you’re going through moments of adversity, why you shouldn’t allow one story to become your identity, identifying your priorities first prior to taking a step forward, how to get out of a difficult situation when you feel hopeless, and so much more! 

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:45 How it all started
  • 04:50 Consider what you really want in life
  • 09:37 How we can make it less painful
  • 14:38 It’s part of embracing it
  • 18:03 When your story becomes your identity
  • 23:01 Uncover underlying thoughts and beliefs that aren’t true
  • 25:54 Success is what’s enriching your life
  • 28:35 First, define what your priority is
  • 33:37 Start doing one normal thing a day
  • 38:26 Are our expectations reasonable?
  • 40:59 What does real contentment look like?
  • 46:12 What do you really want?

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