Today’s guest and making her second appearance on the podcast, is my friend, Mallory Ervin. Mallory is a Kentucky-grown Nashville living dreamer who had a roundabout way of arriving at where she is today. From her time in the Miss America pageant to being a three-time contestant on the Amazing Race, Mallory turned her passion for sharing her love of fashion, beauty, and life into a platform for impact. Today, she runs a global lifestyle brand that she founded in 2016, hosts the Living fully podcast and is a best-selling author of books “Living Fully Dare to Step Into Your Most Vibrant Life,” and “All In: A Vision for Living Fully Every Day.” She encourages and inspires her dedicated following to seek joy and live fully. Today we discuss being attached to achievement and how to remain optimistic when you fall short of your goals. Mallory and I also chat about common misconceptions about manifestation, how to manifest what you want in life, and what you can do if you’re feeling overwhelmed. We also get into how to survive the rollercoaster ride of parenting, navigating difficult times as a couple, and much more.  


What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:46 Attachment to achievement
  • 04:50 Remember where “falling short” brought you
  • 07:30 Manifestation misconceptions
  • 10;12 How to manifest a better future for yourself
  • 14:10 Eliminate the noise in your life
  • 17:00 Mallory’s battle with “wanting more”
  • 19:40 Her husband is super supportive
  • 23:14 Gentle communication is really powerful
  • 27:48 Learning how to communicate with your partner
  • 29:58 Measuring success as a parent
  • 34:50 Does she think her perfectionist traits will impact her kids?
  • 37:20 Learning to “go with the flow” as a parent
  • 38:45 Your kids can “feel” your emotions
  • 40:10 Choose your own happiness
  • 42:22 Focusing on the “bigger picture” alleviates anxiety/overwhelm

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