Today, we welcome Mallory Ervin to talk about self validation, from being an overachiever and putting too much value on your appearance to a lifestyle change, how not to relapse and revert back to your part self, and what living fully truly means. 

Mallory is a Kentucky grown, Nashville living dreamer that had a roundabout way of arriving to today. From her time in Miss America to being a three time contestant on the reality show Amazing Race, it all began by sharing her love of fashion & beauty and quickly transformed into a platform for impact. She hosts the Living Fully podcast where brings the stories and lessons she and her guests have learned to help you awaken to your best life and truly begin LIVING FULLY.

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:21 The pitfalls in our lives happen gradually
  • 05:18 When being an achiever becomes your identity
  • 11:45 People looking up to you and expecting you to do something 
  • 18:54 Stripping the attachments to your appearance
  • 24:04 What you can do to avoid relapsing
  • 31:29 Kids are different and they need different things
  • 38:53 Adversity is a driver and builder of the greatest people
  • 46:32 Take the time to gain your footing again
  • 52:06 Your fears will make you vulnerable

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