Today’s guest is Adrian Grenier. Many of you will recognize Adrian from playing Vincent Chase on the incredibly popular HBO show Entourage. But, Adrian is much more than “Vinny Chase.” Today he has cemented his place as a change agent who leverages his influence and passion for film to make impactful investments, create meaningful content and help make the world a better place. Adrian is also an entrepreneur and environmentalist and has started companies such as DuContra Ventures, The Lonely Whale Foundation and his newest endeavor, Earth Speed Media. While a lot of you may only know Adrian from his role on Entourage, he has made a radical transformation since that time and I’m looking forward to unpacking his story and all the ins and outs that go with in todays episode.


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What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:42 When did Adrian hit rock bottom?
  • 04:25 What did healing look like?
  • 07:34 Were his addictions fueled by his lifestyle or by trauma?
  • 09:33 Why he dismissed the pain in his life
  • 12:39 Becoming Vincent Chase (and why it was a challenge)
  • 16:03 Did he ever get lost in his role as Vince? 
  • 19:51 The dark side of FAME
  • 26:16 How he rediscovered true meaning and purpose in his life
  • 31:35 Redefining success: from fame and money to farm and manure
  • 34:24 What’s parenting going to be like for Adrian?
  • 37:56 Adrian’s fitness routine
  • 39:14 Where’s he at with acting?
  • 42:51 What’s a project that he’s most excited about right now?


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