Today’s guest is Sara Kuburic. Sara is an existential psychotherapist. She is also a writer, a consultant and a columnist for USA Today. Many of you know her as @millennial.therapist  on Instagram, and this is her third time on the podcast. I know I’ve said this before, but what I love about Sara’s content is that she takes complex issues that can be hard to talk about such as mental health, relationships, and dating and creates content that makes these issues easy for people to understand and also inspires people to learn and grow. I think you’re really gonna appreciate this episode as we kept it super organic and we covered a lot of ground on dating, relationships and so much more.


What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:32 Harsh Relationship Truth #1
  • 02:50 Which relationship needs are your responsibility? 
  • 05:19 “The degree of vulnerability dictates the degree of intimacy.”
  • 08:31 Harsh Relationship Truth #2
  • 11:08 Why does personal accountability often get overlooked? 
  • 14:54 Taking responsibility for your behavior after a breakup
  • 16:48 I’ve been cheated on and we broke up. Now what? 
  • 19:35 Sara’s thoughts on monogamy
  • 22:41 Sara and I get personal
  • 26:13 Harsh Relationship Truth #3
  • 27:37 How to stop self sabotaging
  • 32:08 Communicating your needs to a potential partner
  • 35:10 Why are so many people single? 
  • 39:00 When actions and words are misaligned 
  • 42:18 How to identify your “red flags”
  • 44:25 Traits of a “high value partner”
  • 49:02 Mistakes people make when setting boundaries
  • 52:29 Is Blaming your parents helpful?
  • 55:49 When is it time to breakup?
  • 58:05 Do THIS not THAT after a breakup
  • 1:04:54 How to not be so hard on yourself 

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