Today’s guest is the Queen of Confidence Serena Kerrigan.  Serena is a Latina Content Creator, Media Personality, Entrepreneur and creator of Let’s F**** Date. Her brand is famous for its wildly effective relationship-building card games. Her unique ability to listen and engage with her audience has generated viral success and a dedicated cult following on social media.  Serena’s bold personality and life changing mantras have inspired thousands to live their life unapologetically. Today we discuss why changing her middle name and creating the SFK persona helped Serena survive when she was younger and how it helped her build extreme confidence along the way. She also shares the struggles this same persona has created for her and how it wasn’t until recently that she was comfortable just being “Serena.” We also discuss the world of dating, why rejection is redirection and steps you can take to develop real confidence. We also play one of her card games live on the show which I think you will find very entertaining! 


What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:56 How do you know if you’re TRULY confident? 
  • 05:03 Serena explains why she created SFK 
  • 09:48 Does she struggle with being vulnerable?
  • 15:04 When did she become comfortable just being “Serena”?
  • 19:43 Not letting your childhood dictate the rest of your life
  • 22:19 Struggles with dating
  • 29:46 “Prizes don’t chase winners. Winners chase for the prize”
  • 31:38 How to avoid “situationships”
  • 34:47 He said WHAT?!
  • 37:58 Rejection is redirection
  • 47:00 Serena and I play her dating game!
  • 49:24 Our first impressions of each other 
  • 51:43 Dating advice from Serena 


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