Today’s guest is Brad Jensen, also known as thesoberbodybuilder online. He is the owner of Key Nutrition and – co-host of the popular “The Key nutrition podcast.” Brad has an incredible recovery story and over ten years of sobriety. The ironic thing about Brad’s story is that fitness has played both a positive and a negative role in his life, and it even led him to try painkillers for the first time when he was just seventeen. The years followed were filled with self-destruction and turmoil, leading to multiple incarcerations and rehab visits. After being homeless for nearly a year in 2012, Brad found himself at rock bottom after his mom bought heroin for him so that he wouldn’t feel dope sick at his Grandfather’s funeral. His mother, filled with tears, watched Brad get high in the back of her car; this was Brad’s breaking point. Hours later, Brad found himself arrested again, but this time it was the catalyst for his sobriety. Today he comes on the podcast to tell his riveting story from start to finish. We talk about the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Our discussion also gets tactical as we dive into how to thrive in recovery, the power of your inner circle and much more!


What to Listen For:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:20 Mistakes that people make in sobriety
  • 07:04 Spend time with people who have “common futures”
  • 10:11 Unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • 13:12 Where did Brad’s addiction journey begin?
  • 27:00 Using opiates to numb emotional pain
  • 21:39 Things go down hill for him FAST
  • 27:28 Why Brad struggled with staying sober
  • 29:23 Did he still workout during active addiction?
  • 33:19 Brad is homeless for nearly a year 
  • 36:03 Getting high in his Mom’s car before his Grandfather’s funeral
  • 39:43 How did he finally get and stay sober?
  • 47:02 The four pillars of fitness
  • 51:40 Does Brad still have addictive patterns?
  • 55:38 Advice for parents who have a kid who is struggling with addiction 


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