Today’s guest is Dr. Marisa G Franco. Dr. Franco is a New York Times bestselling author, a professor and a psychologist. She communicates the science of connection and digestible ways and is passionate about sharing research with the people it could help the most. We discuss why social connection and friendships are so important for longevity and how to become a better friend. We also talk about attachment styles, relationships, how to know if you have good friends, how to leave old friends behind, and so much more.


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What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:36 Are friendships overrated?
  • 4:27 Why is social connection more important than diet and exercise?
  • 7:24 How to avoid the trap of becoming codependent 
  • 10:06 Why it’s important to have friends outside of your romantic relationship
  • 13:13 THESE are the signs that you are in the right “friend group”
  • 16:04 How to break up with old friends
  • 19:37 Steps to take to become securely attached
  • 27:55 How to deal with anger
  • 33:06 Do you have an avoidant attachment?
  • 36:11 How to rebuild trust with yourself and others
  • 39:20 Are you a good friend?
  • 43:28 How to become a better friend
  • 45:43 Can you build a friendship online?


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