Today’s guest is Alexis Haines. Alexis hosts the raw and resonant podcast Recovering from Reality, a platform for people who would rather wake the fuck up rather than have more “fun problems”. Inspired by her public journey from reality TV sensation and heroin addiction to sobriety, motherhood, and wellness, Alexis is living proof that you can heal yourself, recover from addiction and inspire others along the way. Her first hand experience of substance abuse, combined with the explosive effects of social media storytelling turned her rock bottom into a reinvention tour, igniting a movement to eradicate shame around the stories that inevitably save us if we are brave enough to share them with others.  

We talk about the different forms of addiction and how different people break free from them, the fear of relapsing and having a hard time staying sober, this deeply rooted belief system that limits us to remain rooted in the past instead of evolving, turning a difficult relationship with family into healing and reconciliation and so much more!

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:36 We are all empaths
  • 09:03 The fear of relapsing
  • 12:52 Solid daily routine and practice
  • 15:12 Our deeply engraved belief system
  • 20:26 It’s okay to not be okay
  • 28:02 Setting boundaries to function properly
  • 40:15 When did real healing happen?
  • 45:35 The victim, the perpetrator, and the rescuer

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