Today, we welcome AnnaLynne McCord to talk about her personal journey, from the misdiagnosis of being bipolar and being open about her Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) to her process of healing, acceptance, and self-awareness.

AnnaLynne is an American actress, writer, director and producer. Known for playing the vixen, vamp and roles of a darker nature, McCord first gained prominence in 2007 as the scheming Eden Lord on the FX television series Nip/Tuck. She is the President of “Together1Heart” which empowers women and children victimized by human-trafficking and sexualized violence. In 2009, McCord was awarded a U.S. Congressional Honor by Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa De Lauro for her anti-trafficking work.

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:06 Being defined by something you can’t remember
  • 06:53 The brain protects its ability to survive
  • 11:56 The DID journey
  • 18:16 Misconceptions about DID
  • 24:46 The need for a split when portraying a character
  • 32:14 Not acknowledging your trauma will make you sick
  • 39:57 Inner child work first and then work on those boundaries
  • 47:45 Toxic patterns to unlearn and how to heal from them
  • 53:59 Living in a body with a powerful mind
  • 01:06:27 The story that you have to uphold is always exhausting
  • 01:10:45 Don’t focus on someone else’s journey
  • 01:15:38 Best practices for self-awareness
  • 01:20:13 Love is the complete acceptance of what is

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