Today’s guest is wellness influencer, Aurora Culpo. Aurora is a mother of two and a certified yoga instructor and has a passion for providing real, raw, and relatable insights on all things wellness, parenting, mental health, relationships, and more Aurora has quite the story of her own and today we’re going to get into all the things. Also, be sure to check out the Culpo Family reality show that is set to premiere later this year on Discovery+.      

We talk about the positive and negative effects of too much social media exposure, being authentic and vulnerable at the same time, not allowing negative feedback to get in the way of expressing your thoughts freely, how yoga can change someone’s life, and so much more!

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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:49 Editing photos to post on social media
  • 05:16 How does editing photos make people feel?
  • 08:15 There are different kinds of addiction
  • 11:39 Some of the life lessons you’re still learning
  • 16:18 It’s always good to not feel alone
  • 20:55 Finding the courage to post your thoughts
  • 26:41 You’re never your old self after having a child
  • 30:23 Finding balance between food and exercise to get the most energy
  • 33:57 Staying grounded in your peace
  • 40:10 Why I started doing yoga
  • 43:21 Was there a sisterly rivalry?
  • 47:14 Looking forward to the Culpo Family reality show 
  • 50:01 Future plans and projects
  • 51:35 Having a background in education 

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