Today’s guest is dating coach Blaine Anderson, also known as @datingbyblaine on social media. And as you know, dating could be quite challenging in the online and offline world that we live in today and I was highly impressed with Blaine’s direct and no nonsense advice on social media. I personally have gotten a lot of value out of her content and I think you are going to learn a ton in this conversation. And while Blaine, specifically coaches men, we get into both  perspectives in our discussion, so I know you’ll enjoy it whether you are male or a female. So get your pen and paper ready as you tune into this dating master class.


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What to Listen For:


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:59 What are the biggest struggles people have with dating?
  • 4:25 Why self discovery is so important when it comes to finding a partner
  • 7:01 Blaine puts me to the test!
  • 11:10 How to find love on Instagram
  • 17:19 Biggest mistakes she sees her clients make
  • 19:38 She thinks everyone should stop doing THIS
  • 21:40 How to build attraction
  • 23:55 A date is NOT an interview (do this instead) 
  • 26:57 Boosting confidence before a date
  • 28:42 How women can be more approachable
  • 30:34 Do THIS to meet someone (& get their number) when you’re out in public
  • 36:27 How to not be a “nice guy” without being a jerk (& avoid the friend zone)
  • 39:57 How to ask someone out that you are interested in 
  • 42:37 Discovering what you want in a partner & when is it time to make things exclusive
  • 46:15 When is it appropriate to incorporate “touch?”
  • 48:26 Blaine critiques my online dating profile
  • 55:04 How to date someone that’s “out of your league”
  • 57:01 How to become more confident with your appearance



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